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George Brecht, vers un art transdisciplinaire

Erik Avert - George Brecht, vers un art transdisciplinaire
Attempting to explore the transdisciplinary aspects of artistic practice, this book revisits a tipping point in art history: the invention of preconceptual and minimal art forms by George Brecht, a chemical engineer and artist.
Using Basarab Nicolescu's manifesto as well as René Berger's aesthetic implications of transdisciplinarity, the author tries to put forward a paradigm of art that, having passed the revolutionary period initiated by Duchamp, Cage and Brecht, would continue to develop today.
Erik Avert holds a PhD in Arts from the University of Lorraine. His research has focused on the philosophical, social and spiritual sources of some of the radical avant-gardes, notably Fluxus and Dada. He also practices video and sound art inspired by these syncretic visions of art.
published in October 2021
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
240 pages (16 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37896-193-0
EAN : 9782378961930
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