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MMXX-20Nebula (vinyl EP)

Shiva Feshareki - MMXX-20
A work of orchestral scale, merging a vast number of heavily manipulated sound-sources, made from the most minimal means by the British-Iranian experimental composer and turntabist.
This record is part of the MMXX Series. In anticipation of the year 2020, Matière Mémoire asked 20 experimental/electronic artists to create an original 20 minutes piece and an artwork. Each record is limited to 500 copies and comes as a crystal clear vinyl featuring an original track of 20 minutes on one side, and a laser engraved artwork on the other. Each 12" is housed in a transparent sleeve printed with the MMXX logo, coming with a print of the artist artwork.

Shiva Feshareki (1987) is a British-Iranian composer, artist and turntablist, described as the most cutting-edge expression of turntablism. Over the last decade, she has been a pioneer at the leading edge of both contemporary classical and electronic & dance music scenes.
published in June 2021
clear vinyl with etched B-side
in stock

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