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RomaNever Walk on Crowded Streets

Giovanna Silva - Roma
The Milanese photographer and long-distance traveler captures the light (and visual contrasts) of Rome while walking through the city.
Giovanna Silva arrived in Rome in January of 2020 and immediately set off walking. Following the suggestions of her personal guides – artists, writers, intellectuals, Romans of all shapes and idioms – she began to get to know the city. She returned to certain places over and over again, overtaken by meticulous and neurotic attention, moved by an unexpected passion for light. Tucked between her photographs is a text by Alberto Savinio about the magic of walking and discovering a foreign place.
Giovanna Silva lives and works in Milan. As a photographer, she exposed at the Venice Biennale 2006 her work about the city of Bogotà, Colombia. She is the author of Desertions, a chronicle of an american trip with designer Enzo Mari. From 2005-2007 she contributed to Domus and since september 2007 until september 2011 she was the Photo Editor of Abitare. She photographed Renzo Piano and Zaha Hadid for the Abitare's special issues Being Renzo Piano and Being Zaha Hadid, 6 month experience of architecture in the making. In 2011 she published the book, Orantes, ed. Quodlibet. In 2012 she published Narratives/Relazioni: Baghdad, Green Zone, Red Zone, Babylon, Mousse Publishing.
She is in the editorial board of San Rocco Magazine. She is the editor of Humboldt Books. She has a column on Doppiozero.
Text by Alberto Savinio.
published in March 2021
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
12 x 16 cm (softcover)
640 pages (color ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-8056-111-8
EAN : 9788880561118
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