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Collectif BrasaTextes à lire à voix haute

A collection of texts by fifteen contemporary Brazilian authors who approach the notions of care and privilege from a decolonial critical perspective.
Edited by Diane Lima, Cíntia Guedes, Abigail Campos Leal.
Texts by Ingrid Martins, Preto Téo, Monna Brutal, tatiana nascimento, Pacha Ana, Grace Passô, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Lucas Veiga, Ricardo Aleixo, Miro Spinelli, Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi, Jota Mombaça, Rebeca Carapiá, Pêdra Costa, SaraElton Panamby.

Translated from the Portuguese (Brasil) by Luana Almeida, Valentina D'Avenia, Léa Meier, Aurore Zachayus.

Graphic design: Sophie Demay & Maël Fournier-Comte (In the Shade of a Tree).
2021 (publication expected by 4th quarter)
French edition
12,5 x 19,5 cm (softcover)
368 pages

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