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Cause départ vol. I

Babeth Rambault - Cause départ vol. I
An inventory of second-hand shelves and a photographic summation that is a praise of the occasion.
"Cause départ is one of the photographic inventories that punctuate Babeth Rambault's work. The artist is devoted to distance but also offers a reinterpretation of an imposed figure of the exhibition: hanging. There are images from classified ad sites; shots of wall shelves hastily photographed by the salesmen at arm's length, sometimes at their fingertips. In an approach that takes away the spirit of seriousness, we can read praise of the pre-owned, and of the essential presence of a second-hand market in a world that is getting out of control. A repeated illustration of the touching without fuss, ingenious and clumsy tricks as present as comic effects. But beyond that is highlighted today's society: bodies, things, grappling with gravity, forced mobility, lives made up of expedients as many possible causes. And comes an ironic turnaround; the body becomes support, replacing the shelf. Babeth Rambault shows in her work photography as what holds sculpture, poesy and comic disillusionment together. With her home-made aesthetic, she works with a taste for the simple where coexist elements considered to be of no quality. With no attachment, the artist composes with the impermanence of things, from telluric to domestic."
Émeric Hauchard-Mercier
published in 2019
French edition
12 x 18 cm (softcover)
44 pages (39 color ill.)
in stock
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