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Ich und SieEin Roman aus Dreibuchstabigen Wörtern (2 CD)

Andrea Tippel - Ich und Sie
“Ich und Sie – Ein Roman aus Dreibuchstabigen Wörtern” (“Me and Her – A novel of three-letter-words”) was a work Andrea Tippel started in 1993 and finished in 2009. As the title suggests it consists entirely of three-letter-words. Two CDs (total 112 min) in fullcolour six-panel DVD-sized digipak, illustrated with pages of the manuscripts of “Ich und Sie”, a biographical text and chronology of the work in English by Marc Schulz, and the text “The Speaking Art of Andrea Tippel” by Dorothy Iannone, written in 2019 especially for this publication.
“The sketchbook version of the novel comprises 123 pages, and of these 97 pages were finished already in 1993. Another four pages were composed in 1995, 15 pages in March 1999, and seven further pages between 2007 and 2009. Andrea Tippel takes leave in the last pages of her recently deceased friends, among these Tomas Schmit, Ludwig Gosewitz, and Emmett Williams. The novel appeared in various printed and recorded versions: just like a work in progress, Andrea Tippel also performed the novel in sections between 1994 and 2009 at her kitchen table.”
Marc Schulz

“Here is a tale, a brilliant tale, one cannot deny, which, even as it astounds us through her perseverance, drives us crazy with a foreboding that this may well be an endless tale. And perhaps this purely personal response to the Speaking Art of Andrea Tippel may well have amused its creator who often found meanings which, understandably or not, had eluded others.”
Dorothy Iannone
Andrea Tippel ‎was born 1945 in Hirsau/Black Forest, and grew up as the middle of three sisters in Bremen. Her parents were the architects Maria Alexandra Mahlberg and Klaus Tippel. In 1969 she was a state-certified actress (Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna and Berlin), then studied philosophy and psychology in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. In 1971 Tippel moved to Berlin and started to create drawings, objects, composites, texts and books, as well as a few oil paintings. In 1974 she had her first exhibition with Tomas Schmit, started to produce artist books in 1980, and editions for various galleries from 1987. She main- tained close friendships with Suzanne Baumann, Henriette van Egten, Ludwig Gosewitz, Dorothy Iannone, Dieter Roth, Tomas Schmit, Jan Voss and Emmett Williams. Tippel was appointed as a professor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg in 1997, and co-founded the Dieter Roth Academy (DRA) in 2000. She passed away in 2012 in Berlin.
published in October 2020
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