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Massimo Minini - Luce
A collection of texts on photography and photographers by Italian gallerist Massimo Minini. The publication also explores relationship between photography and sculpture through sections dedicated to Adolfo Wildt and Mimmo Paladino.
Massimo Minini writes about Letizia Battaglia: “I have understood she is not a photographer: she is a human being who has had enough of living in such a dirty world”. Or, about Mario Cresci: “His work expands the borders of photographic knowledge by adding new experiences that prove that photography is a tool for making art and not a field separate from the other arts”. About Dondero: “The world smiles for the Leica of Mario (Dondero) and falls silent waiting for a sign…” One sentence definitively sheds light on the insuppressibly professional and generous relationship of Minini with the world of photography. It is dedicated to Ghirri: “Luigi Ghirri discovered me late, but not so late that I was exhausted. I still have some energies and ideas, and I try to apply myself to making the work of this visionary smoker travel from the world of photography to that of the arts tout court, no longer in that photo-photo ghetto”. ––Giovanna Calvenzi
Luce contains short texts on photography and photographers, written and published in recent years. The texts are “linked together” by a short story in the style of Boccaccio and Italo Calvino. Published for an exhibition in a sculpture museum, the Studio Museo Francesco Messina in Milan, it also includes photographs that speak of sculpture, like the section dedicated to Adolfo Wildt (La Martire, 1895) and another section with works by Mimmo Paladino.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Photosensibile” at Studio Museo Francesco Messina in Milan from April 10 to May 13, 2018.
Texts by Massimo Minini and Giovanna Calvenzi, interview with Massimo Minini by Angela Madesani.
published in May 2018
Italian edition
11,4 x 17,5 cm (softcover)
152 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-67493-34-0
EAN : 9788867493340
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