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Salvo -
Paperback tribute guide to the work of Italian artist Salvatore Mangione (Salvo).
This book is a tribute to the artist Salvo (Salvatore Mangione, Leonforte 22 May, 1947–Turin 12 September, 2015). Drawings from the personal Salvo archive, some of which have never been published before, together with two poems written by the artist for Salvo. Seven etchings and seven poems, Volpaia Books, are published here.
This publication is a small atlas which functions as a guide through the work of Salvo as well as through the cultural geography and Mediterranean landscape that stretches from the hills of northern Italy to Sicily, from ancient Greek classicism to the oriental sunsets of the Balkans. The drawings are presented in the form of sketches and, they are like the handwritten draft of a poem—a sudden inspiration that has been jotted down on paper. If we look carefully, the drawings are composed of elements that are repeated and become, from time to time, complex solutions that transform the artist's inner universe into visions which the reader must decipher. Salvo is the third volume of the series of books by NERO printed in Risograph in small format, curated by Alessandro Cucchi.
Salvatore Mangione (1947-2015), known as Salvo, is an Italian artist. At the beginning of his career, Salvo met with some of the major figures of Arte Povera (artists Alighiero Boetti, Mario Merz, Gilberto Zorio, Giuseppe Penone, and art critic Germano Celant). Through their influence, he first created a series of funerary monuments in marble on which were inscribed words and phrases with ironic twists. It was also during this period that the artist began his photographic work. In 1973, Salvo turned away from conceptual art and went back to painting, engaging in several series of self-portraits and landscapes, up until his death in 2015.
published in May 2017
Italian edition
7 x 11 cm (softcover)
72 pages (b/w ill.)
in stock

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