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Les collages de Karl Waldmann

Les collages de Karl Waldmann Karl Waldmann - Les collages de Karl Waldmann
First major publication devoted to the mysterious germano-soviet artist's collages, one of the latest discoveries of constructivism.
Despite the fact that Karl Waldmann disappeared in the 1950's, his work was discovered only just recently, at the end of the 1980's. His pieces impose themselves immediately with great force and beauty but also with a certain singularity : between Dada and Constructivism, his place in history of Art seems particular ; singularity also due to the fact that his work is essentially composed of a marginal form of expression : collage.
This book, the first devoted to his work, presents a serie of studies which question the originality of his work, his relationship to history of Art, his thematic and formal choices, but which also underline the questions that this work arises around the notion of authorship, of the relationship of Art with History and Politics, of aesthetic judgement, of art philosophy and of the image. Through all of these aspects, the work of this previously unknown artist appears to be surprisingly relevant to present questionning around Art and aesthetic philosophy.
Karl Waldmann was born in Germany. He disappeared around 1958 in a Russian labour camp.
Edited by Jean-Philippe Cazier.
Texts by Jean-Philippe Cazier, Stéphane Massonet, Ange-Henri Pieraggi, Adnen Jdey, Fabien Defendini, Pascal Polar.
published in May 2011
French edition
21,8 x 22,6 cm (hardcover)
168 pages (99 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-916067-52-0
EAN : 9782916067520
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Les collages de Karl Waldmann Les collages de Karl Waldmann Les collages de Karl Waldmann

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