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Flash Art #344 – Fall 2023 – The Always Already

 - Flash Art #344
Issy Wood by Estelle Hoy; Rhea Dillon by Zakiya McKenzie; Precious Okoyomon by Jazmina Figueroa; WangShui by Alex M.F. Quicho; SEMIOFUCK Episode V – Epilogue: ALL by Armature Globale; SoiL Thornton by Alex Bennett; We, the Brand Evangelists of POSTPOSTPOST by Sarah Chekfa; Art & Language. Conceptual Art by Mary Anne Staniszewski; Ginny on Frederick, London. Freddie Powell in Conversation with Charlie Robin Jones; The Psychology of Ruins. Nikita Gale by Uzoamaka Maduka; Some Days, Some Days by Rory Pilgrim and Carol R. Kallend; Reviews: Mire Lee "Black Sun" New Museum, New York by Colin Edgington; Rita McBride "Particulates" Hammer Museum, Los Angeles by Gracie Hadland; Yu Ji "A Guest, A Host, A Ghost" Orange County Museum of Art, Cosa Mesa by Oli Misraje; "WORLDBUILDING: Gaming and Art in the Digital Age" Centre Pompidou-Metz by Sarah Moroz; Martin Wong "Malicious Mischief" Camden Art Centre, London by Phoebe Cripps; "OUT OF THE BOX" Schaulager, Basel by Franklin Melendez; Isa Genzken "75/75" Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin by Louisa Elderton.
This issue comes with four different covers, randomly distributed.
Flash Art is a contemporary art and culture magazine (and a publishing platform) founded in 1967. Within a decade, it became an indispensable point of reference for artists, critics, collectors, galleries, and institutions. In 2020, Flash Art became a quarterly publication, at the same time increasing its trim size and updating its graphic identity. The magazine offers a fresh perspective on the visual arts, covering a range of transdisciplinary approaches and fostering in-depth analyses of artist practices and new cultural directions. Today, Flash Art remains required reading for all who navigate the international art scene.
Flash Art is known for it covers featuring artists who subsequently become leading figures in the art world. The magazine includes photoshoots, productions, critical essays, monographic profiles, conversations with emerging and established artists, and a range of ongoing and thematic columns that change every few years. The long history of the magazine is also highlighted by pivotal texts from the archive that are included in the publication time to time. Finally, every issue offers a highly curated selection of the best institutional exhibitions on the global scene.
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published in September 2023
English edition
22,5 x 29 cm (softcover)
264 pages (ill.)
in stock
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