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Green PeriodPrints, Drawings, and Paintings – 2018-2022

Carroll Dunham - Green Period
Carroll Dunham's "Green Period."
Focusing on the artist's pivotal "Green Period.," this publication brings together prints, drawings, and paintings created by American artist Carroll Dunham between 2018 and 2022 to form one of his most distinctive bodies of works. "Sometime in 2018," Dunham recalls, "I was working on a group of monotypes and a green male head appeared in a few. They were a relief to look at after all the white shapes dominating my work. These prints were followed a year later by a group of drawings, then large watercolors, and then paintings."
Using the green color as a pictural and expressive tool, Dunham explored the quality and concept of "green" through images of figures in an archaic world of his own making. In these "figurative" works he explores intimacy, race, sex, aging, and his own graphic and painterly languages. Maintaining that singular focus encouraged him to invent spatial, narrative, and philosophical scenarios hitherto unimaginable in his work. These, his most tender and vulnerable artworks, are profoundly moving meditations on the nature of human existence in the 21st century.
Lavishly illustrated and designed by Conny Purtill, the publication features three newly commissioned essays: the curator and editor of the publication Dan Nadel writes on cross-media processes, and how the "Green Period." fits into the artist's personal and artistic history through a careful analysis of the works; artist Mary Simpson situates these works in the context of surgical theaters and the visualization of sex; Dunham himself explores colors, narratives, and the conceptual and formal background of his "Green Period."
Since the 1970s, Carroll Dunham (born in 1949 in Connecticut) has developed a formal mastery of line, texture, and color to continually engage with new and recurring modes of art making. Drawing on the art historical canon as well as on pop culture, he revisits enduring themes that comprise our existence while simultaneously exploring the formal attributes of painting. Carroll Dunham has shown at international institutions including National Museum, Oslo; Kunsthalle Düsseldorf; Sprengel Museum, Hannover; Denver Art Museum, Denver; Museum Ludwig, Cologne; Millesgarden, Stockholm; Drammens Museum, Drammen, Norway; a mid-career retrospective was held at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, in 2002.
Edited by Dan Nadel.
Texts by Carroll Dunham, Dan Nadel, Mary Simpson.
published in October 2023
English edition
24,2 x 30,5 cm (hardcover)
136 pages (100 ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03764-608-3
EAN : 9783037646083
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