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Alain Snyers - Microgestes
Artist's book. Alain Snyers' Microgestes (Microgestures) are invitations to action, they can be practiced or read aloud. They form a set of 45 detailed instructions for all sorts of situations: becoming a cow painter, instructing a meringue, capturing a draft, forgetting tomatoes in the subway or opening a can of tuna with a pickaxe...
Alain Snyers (born in 1951 in Congo) is a French-Belgian visual artist. He founded the UNTEL group in 1975 with Jean-Paul Albinet and Philippe Cazal. His work is developed in the context of the exhibition, in writings or during in situ maneuvers and performances.
published in December 2022
French edition
21 x 13 cm (softcover)
52 pages
ISBN : 978-2-493008-06-0
EAN : 9782493008060
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