Elisa Caldana

Elisa Caldana (born 1986 in Pordenone, Italy) is an artist working primarily with sculpture, performance, film, and writing. Her works are united conceptually by the use of abstraction and imagination to draw attention to political and social issues, analysing the paradoxes and liminal spaces that generate from the coexistence of plural standpoints. Architecture, public spaces, monuments, and collective identity are recurrent themes within her work.

(external link : www.elisacaldana.info)
Elisa Caldana - Never Again
English edition
Mousse - Mousse Publishing (books)
This book revolves around the cycle Topography of Terror, initiated by artists Elisa Caldana and Diego Tonus in 2017, and presents the making-of process behind Topography of Terror (19.12.2016) and Never Again, the first two episodes of the cycle.

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