Jean-Baptiste Sauvage

Whether he is borrowing logos or motifs found in advertising to reinject them into reality, or conducting specific research as in the case of the Olt project, the work of Jean-Baptiste Sauvage (born 1977 in Saint-Étienne, lives and works in Marseille) is usually developed through in situ gestures. His interventions take place either in the urban environment (for example, the series of mural paintings he began in 2011) or in exhibition spaces. They are also extended through publishing projects (On Forme in 2009, Razzle Dazzle / Blue Line in 2014). Moreover, he enjoys collaborating with artists or graphic designers. Images, which he views as both mediums and tools, play a central role in his work, which expresses a view “on the ideologies and dysfunction betokened by the formalization and "pictorialization" of our living spaces” (Anne Giffon-Selle). Jean-Baptiste Sauvage is a member of the editorial committee for the magazine Dé(s)génération. He has been teaching at ESADMM in Marseille since 2011.

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Jean-Baptiste Sauvage - Olt
bilingual edition (English / French)
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
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This publication provides an in-depth exploration of the artists joint project Olt, focusing on a 1967 promotional campaign by the French oil company Elf. The book highlights Mosset and Sauvage's common interest in graphic design and roadside art, and features a text by Jill Gasparina on the circle as a symbol of visual modernity, as well as an interview with the two artists.

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