Susanne Strassmann

Suzanne Strassmann (born 1964 in Germany, lives and works in Marseille) is known for her work as a painter. Her artistic practice also includes photography, graphic design, and illustration.

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Susanne Strassmann -
bilingual edition (English / French)
Al Dante - Contemporary Art
Monograph dedicated to the German artist which gathers a series of figurative paintings inspired by her practice of photography and site-specific painting. The publication includes commissioned texts by various contributors.
Susanne Strassmann - Art People or Employees
bilingual edition (English / French)
Al Dante - Contemporary Art
39.60 19.00 €
This catalogue brings together a series of photographs by painter Suzanne Strassmann in which she deals with the specific codes of the art world and plays with the ambiguity of the interactions between artworks, art professionals, and the public.

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