Nigel Peake

Nigel Peake (born 1981 in Ireland), who grew up in Ballytrustan (County Down) and currently lives between there and Paris, originally studied architecture in Edinburgh for six years and in 2013 lived in Switzerland for a period to teach an architectural studio.  In the past 10 years he's written and drawn 41 books, both for publishers Laurence King and Phaidon as well as under his own steam, covering cycling, bridges, cities, shapes, patterns, maps and much much more. His distinctive drawings have also appeared on work for Hermès, New York Times, FLOS, Tate, and the Royal Horticulture Society and he's had exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Shanghai and London. He once cycled from Edinburgh to Budapest and it's probably fair to say that both architecture and cycling are a heavy presence in his extensive body of work.

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Nigel Peake - Spring / Summer + Autumn / Winter (2 volume set)
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Nigel Peake's drawings for Japanese distillery Mitosaya.
Nigel Peake - Strip
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(last copies available!)
A strip of buildings illustrated with watercolor and pencil, in line with the Irish illustrator's interests in architecture and the city (leporello).

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