Virgile Novarina

Following his studies in Mathematics and Physics, Virgile Novarina (born 1976) devoted his work to the artistic exploration of his own sleep in the form of writing and drawings, and to the sleep of others in the form of photos and videos. Novarina has published eight books of Night Writings and Drawings and has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland and the United States. Since 2006, the simple act of sleeping has become an integral part of his work, in performances entitled “En somme”, during which he sleeps in public in the display windows of stores, galleries and museums.
Virgile Novarina - Pierre Pinoncelli, l\'artiste à la phalange coupée (DVD)
French edition
a.p.r.e.s editions - Documents & Video Works (DVD)
A documentary film made over 10 years by Virgile Novarina, portraying the iconoclastic artist Pierre Pinoncelli, known since the 1960s for his shocking happenings.
Virgile Novarina - Télescope intérieur - Une œuvre spatiale d\'Eduardo Kac (DVD)
bilingual edition (English / French)
a.p.r.e.s editions - Documents & Video Works (DVD)
In February 2016, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet produced aboard the ISS an artwork by Eduardo Kac, entitled Inner Telescope. This film documents the conception and the realization of the very first artistic performance in Space.
Virgile Novarina - Au cœur du sommeil - Avec Michel Butor, Clément Rosset, Pierre Pachet, Jean-Luc Nancy (DVD)
film in French version with English subtitles
a.p.r.e.s editions - Documents & Video Works (DVD)
A literary and philosophic exploration of the various states of sleep. Embark upon a dreamlike path to the heart of sleep through the reading of four texts by Michel Butor, Clément Rosset, Pierre Pachet and Jean-Luc Nancy, and a series of sleepers.

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