Kour Pour

British-Iranian artist Kour Pour (born 1987 in Exeter, England, Lives and works in Los Angeles) elaborates large-scale paintings of Persian rugs by juxtaposing, with different techniques, sets of imagery, iconic motifs and religious symbols from different locations, traditions, time periods. In his work, Pour explores the way we collect information in the present day: exploiting Google Images and clip-arts CD-ROMS, he re-contextualizes the images onto the canvas which act as nets.

(external link : www.kourpour.com)
Kour Pour -
English edition
35.00 20.00 €
Inspired by Persian tapestry, Kour Pour's paintings are highlighting the artist's interest in the cyclic life of images, shifted back-and-forth between the online realm and the material world. This first monograph includes images of all the paintings on display, some installation views and a photographic documentation of the art work's making process, along with an essay by the curator Nicola Ricciardi.

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