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"....... Mon homme" (vinyl 7")

Jean-François Pauvros - \
A 45rpm to be played in 33rpm, gathering three very different high-flying pieces, recorded by Jean-Marc Foussat.
Jean-François Pauvros (born 1947 in Hautmont, France) is a French musician, guitarist, composer and improvisator, an important figure on the experimental and improvised music scene since the mid-1970s. He has collaborated with Gaby Bizien, Siegfried Kessler, Aude Cornillac, Jac Berrocal, Arto Lindsay, Ted Milton, Terry Day, Julian Fenton, Mary Genis, Evan Parker, Stan Sulzmann, David Holme, Elliot Sharp, George Lewis, Jacques Thollot, Rhys Chatham, Mary Genis, Jonathan Kane, Tony Hymas, Barney Bush, Jean-Marc Foussat, Makoto Sato, Keiji Haino, Charles Pennequin, Daunik Lazro, Hélène Breschand, Noël Akchoté, Jean-Marc Montera, Joe McPhee, Derek Bailey, Anne Dreyfus, Jérôme de Missolz...
published in 1999
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