Daunik Lazro

Daunik Lazro (born in 1945 in Chantilly, France) is an eminent jazz and improvised music saxophonist, a major figure of the European avant-garde music scene. He has played and recorded with countless groups and musicians, such as Joëlle Léandre, Evan Parker, Michel Doneda, Georges Lewis…
Daunik Lazro - Actions soniques (CD)
Vand'Œuvre / CCAM Éditions
Recorded in March 2016, “Actions Soniques” is a meeting of free rock with free impro into an electroacoustic environment with a clear and powerfull voice. This is the last CD from Dominique Répécaud (1955-2016).
Daunik Lazro - Sales rectangles / Vieux Carré (+ CD)
French edition
Lenka lente
(last copies available!)
A literary text by Guillaume Belhomme combining metafiction and cut-up, with a CD on which Daunik Lazro performs Vieux Carré, a composition by Joe McPhee evoking the old French Quarter of New Orleans.
Daunik Lazro - L\'arbre ouvert - Portraits picturaux et sonores d\'arbres de Dordogne, hiver 2009-2010 (booklet + CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
Free improvisations and phonographies in the forest, bundles of sounds, armfuls of dead leaves, arboreal rhythms, chestnut blasts.
Daunik Lazro - Humus (CD)
Le Chant du Moineau / Casta - Records
An improvised performance with Benjamin Bondonneau (clarinet), David Chiesa (double bass), Didier Lasserre (drums), Daunik Lazro (baritone saxophone) and Laurent Sassi (sound).
Daunik Lazro - Rekmazladzep (CD)
Vand'Œuvre / CCAM Éditions
Camel Zekri (electroacoustic guitar), Thierry Madiot (bass trombone and trumpets), Daunik Lazro (baritone saxophone) and Dominique Répécaud (electric guitar) reach a rare degree of balance between softness and roughness, between lightning and harmony.
Daunik Lazro - Aerolithes (CD)
Vand'Œuvre / CCAM Éditions
A quartet of string and woodwind instruments brings together masters of free improvisation.
Daunik Lazro - Concert (vinyl LP)
Vand'Œuvre / CCAM Éditions
This trio has only one line of instrumentation and remains in total harmony throughout, though the melodies and the rhythms often arise from unexpected places. An incisive and vertiginous climb towards pleasure and dreams, street music and dance music; these fragile and volatile moments were fixed in concert in Vandœuvre in 1989.

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