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Berthet-Le Junter (CD)

Pierre Berthet, Frédéric Le Junter - Berthet-Le Junter (CD)
Frédéric Le Junter and Pierre Berthet are two inventors, two craftsmen, two poets of sound. A mix of absurd poetry and homemade music, these seven songs and two instrumentals give life to their musical creations founded on quirky objects. The humour of Le Junter's lyrics contrasts with a surrealist glittering jumble. 
They have definitively saved the French song from disaster. And rock'n'roll too...
Pierre Berthet (born in 1958 in Belgium) studied percussion with G.E. Octors and André Van Belle at Brussels Conservatory, composition with Frederic Rzewski, improvisation with Garrett List and music theory with Henri Pousseur at Liège Conservatory. He composes and builds sculptural sound objects and installations (steel, plastic, water, motors, vacuum cleaners…). He presents them since 1988 in exhibitions and solo or duo performances, in music venues, festivals, galleries, outdoor contexts, etc. He worked with Frédéric Le Junter, played percussion with Arnold Dreyblatt and has a duet project with Rie Nakajima. Since 2010 he played quite often the piece "Galileo" by Tom Johnson in many european countries.
French atypical musician, maker of instruments and sound machines, Frédéric Le Junter (born 1956 in Dunkerque) develops an unusual universe, at the crossroads of music (song and instrumental music), visual arts and performance. Frédéric Le Junter has played with Pierre Berthet, Dominique Répécaud (Les Massifs de Fleurs), Silent Block, Marc Pichelin, Jean-Léon Pallandre...
published in 1994
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