Arnold Dreyblatt

Arnold Dreyblatt (born 1953 in New York) is an American media artist and composer based in Berlin since 1984. An instrumental inventor, associated with New York minimalism, and a collaborator of many artists associated with the Fluxus movement, Dreyblatt is considered one of the precursors of drone music.
Arnold Dreyblatt has studied with composers Pauline Oliveros, La Monte Young and Alvin Lucier and video art pioneers Woody and Steina Vasulka. Whether performing solo with his modified double bass, or surrounded by his iconic Orchestra of Excited Strings ensemble, Dreyblatt develops hypnotic, pulsating music through his own microtonal tuning system. Arnold Dreyblatt's work has been performed by Bang On A Can, Jim O'Rourke, Stockholm's Great Learning Orchestra, the Pellegrini String Quartet, and the Crash Ensemble of Dublin. He has recorded for labels such as Tzadik, Hat Hut, Table of the Elements, Cantaloupe, Important, Choose and Black Truffle.
Arnold Dreyblatt - Tonic 19-01-2001 (vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
A major archival discovery: a stunning document of the only performance by the trio of Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt and Jim O'Rourke.
Arnold Dreyblatt - Duo Geloso (vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
The first release to document the variety and playfulness of the concerts that Arnold Dreyblatt and Paul Panhuysen's Duo Geloso performed throughout Europe in 1987-88.

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