Jim O'Rourke

Musician, composer, improviser and producer, Jim O'Rourke (born in 1969 in Chicago, lives and works in Tokyo) is an essential figure of the American independent rock and post-rock scene (his solo records released on Drag City or in groups with Gastr Del Sol and Sonic Youth have all become classics of the 1990s and 2000s) as well as experimental and electroacoustic music. His collaborations are countless: Illusion Of Safety, Christoph Heemann, David Grubbs, Loren Connors, Wilco, Henry Kaiser, K.K. Null, Günter Müller, Voice Crack, Evan Parker, Phill Niblock, Mats Gustafsson, Tony Conrad, Faust, Space Streakings, Loose Fur, Fennesz, Diskaholics Anonymous Trio, Carlos Giffoni, Keiji Haino, Masami Akita, Masaya Nakahara, Takehisa Kosugi, Fire!, Akira Sakata, Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley, Kassel Jaeger, Anthony Burr, John Fahey, Tortoise, Stereolab, Red Crayola, Guided By Voices, Merzbow...
Jim O\'Rourke - Most, but Potentially All (vinyl LP)
Smalltown Supersound
Composed by Jim O'Rourke and pieced together by Jim together with longtime collaborator and trumpeter Eivind Lønning at Jim and Eiko Ishibashi's home in the Japanese mountains, this engrossing new album blows brass wails and tense fanfares across O'Rourke's manipulated Kyma tapestries for a deep, captivating trip into the aether.
Jim O\'Rourke - With pats on the head, just one too few is evil one too many is good that\'s all it is (3 vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
The heavyweight trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi return with their 12th and most epic release to date, a monumental triple LP.
Jim O\'Rourke - Tonic 19-01-2001 (vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
currently out of stock
A major archival discovery: a stunning document of the only performance by the trio of Tony Conrad, Arnold Dreyblatt and Jim O'Rourke.
Jim O\'Rourke - Immanent in Nervous Activity (vinyl LP)
Die Schachtel
Riding the razor's edge between bristling electroacoustic wizardry and the constrained structures and harmonic interplay of musical minimalism, "Immanent in Nervous Activity" is Die Schachtel's new release from the creative partnership of Giovanni Di Domenico and Jim O'Rourke, joining the conversant vision of two of the most striking voices within the field of contemporary sound.
Jim O\'Rourke - MMXX-07 - In all due deference (vinyl EP)
Matière Mémoire
Jim O'Rourke's masterful abstract contribution to the MMXX series.
Jim O\'Rourke - Shutting Down Here (vinyl LP)
Editions Mego - Portraits GRM
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Recorded at INA GRM and Steamroom, covering a period of thirty years, the gap between the two visits Jim O'Rourke made to the GRM, featuring Eiko Ishibashi on piano, Atsuko Hatano on violin and viola and Eivind Lonning on trumpet, Shutting Down Here is considered by O'Rourke himself as his “most meaningful” release.
Jim O\'Rourke - To magnetize money and catch a roving eye ( 4 CD box set)
A 4-hour work recorded at Steamroom (composer's studio) between 2017 and 2018: a hypnotic, multi-faceted, labyrinthine piece which flows as slowly as a river while speeding back through memory, and shows all the talent of Jim O'Rourke.
Jim O\'Rourke - In the past only geniuses were capable of staging the perfect crime (also known as a revolution) - Today anybody can accomplish their aims with the push of the button (2 vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
For its 50th release, Black Truffle presents the 9th album from one of the label's core ensembles, the power trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi.
Jim O\'Rourke - I\'m Happy, And I\'m Singing And A 1, 2, 3, 4 (2 CD)
Editions Mego
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Reissue of Jim O'Rourke's album recorded 1997-1999 in NY, Osaka, Tokyo, Toronto and Malmö, originally released on Mego in 2001, with a bonus disc featuring unreleased material from the same period, sourced from O'Rourke's vast archive, with new artwork.

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