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Epidemic Subjects – Radical Ontology
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Epidemic Subjects
Elisabeth von Samsonow

Becoming-Girl: Compossibility, Intersectionality, and Agency
Suzana Milevska

Two Ontologies: Posthumanism and Lacan's Graph of Sexuation
Levi R. Bryant

Girl: A Paradigmatic Example of Evolutionary Disobedience
Arantzazu Saratxaga Arregi

Pandora's Toy, or zoon technicon and the Technical Ghosts of the Future
Boyan Manchev

Theory of Evolution
Peter Sloterdijk

Weird Wired Viral: A Graphic Novel
Karin Ferrari

Tearing the Neoliberal Subject
Francesca Coin

The American Girl and the Horror of (In)Justice
Johanna Braun

Autism and Networks
Angela Melitopoulos

Latency: Biography of an Omniscient Spy
Elisabeth von Samsonow