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Hi leaves (vinyl LP)

Soft tissue - Hi leaves (vinyl LP)
The new full-length record from the duo of Glasgow-based artists Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins, examining microsound by way of extended amplification technique, bone conduction, domestic recordings, and digital feedback.
Tracks like "plant pot" and "kettle" appear to disclose their source material, presenting wonderfully tactile environments of highly articulate sound. Wennborg and Weins prove themselves to be masterful arrangers of discrete, organic material, weaving together knotty and immersive compositions from these sharp, prickly sounds. Ultimately, Soft tissue inhabits an intoxicating soundworld somewhere in between the patient abstractions of composerly EAI music, the haptic indulgences of ASMR, and the diffuse digital pastorals of the 90's a-musik/Cologne scene.
Soft tissue is the experimental microsound duo of Glasgow-based artists Feronia Wennborg and Simon Weins.
published in March 2022
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