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Yann Gourdon (vinyl LP)

Yann Gourdon - Yann Gourdon (vinyl LP)
Yann Gourdon's new album (hurdy-gurdy) continues his exploration of places and their history through sound.
Recorded at Pied-de-Biche Marque-Page bookstore (France) in March 2020.

One third of the drone trio France and part of the La Nòvia collective, Yann Gourdon's practice focuses on acoustic phenomena and dynamic relationships with the environment. Having learned to play traditional music from Auvergne (on the hurdy-gurdy) by listening to field recordings, Gourdon re-orientates tradition via minimalism, honing in on a place or location's unique vibratory fields, volumes and surfaces.
Recorded by Guilhem Lacroux.

Graphic design: Ortega.

Published with Three:four records and La Nòvia.
published in July 2021
EAN : 7549988223474
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