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Everything you ever wanted to know about Jeff Koons. Just kidding. It's a book of interviews with nine really great artists

 - Everything you ever wanted to know about Jeff Koons. Just kidding. It\'s a book of interviews with nine really great artists
Nine interviews with the artists exhibited in the Geneva art space Forde between 2018 and 2020.
This publication was born amid the chaos engendered by Covid-19, during the shutdown of art spaces and of just about everything else. For the curatorial duo Roxane Bovet and Yoan Mudry, it is the last expression, for lack of an exhibition, of their mandate at Forde.
The artists presented in this book have diverse practices, although sometimes common inte-rests run through these: several of them share a taste for complex narrative structures; through the words borrowing, copy, stealing, or fan art, in several places we come across the notion of appropriation; there's the idea of the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, the exhibi-tion as medium or as ecosystem; the practice of collage, of assemblage, discrepant montages and non-linear associations. But that which most definitely links all these artists together is also that which is the least obvious, and not so readily accessible. It's not about a subject, nor about any aesthetic characteristic, but rather a capacity to not take the world at face value, to not see reality as definite and inevitable. In a society that does not hold together, they shake things up or draw our attention to what appears to be natural and/or normal: the forms, colours, struc-tures, and tone taken on by the myths that fill our everyday life. In response, they tell parallel, infectious stories, their objects and their spaces are desires and ideas made tangible—pockets of fresh air which today must be preserved from words like salary, efficiency, rational.
This book contains interviews we held with nine artists. There could also have been 50.
Interviews with Basile Dinbergs, Bastien Gachet, Florence Jung, Miriam Laura Leonardi, Thomas Moor, Diane Rivoire, Aymeric Tarrade, Puck Verkade, Shirin Yousefi, by Roxane Bovet, Yoan Mudry, Mondher Aounallah.
published in April 2021
bilingual edition (English / French)
12 x 17 cm (softcover)
192 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-940684-00-7
EAN : 9782940684007
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