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St. Elsewhere

Andreas Dobler - St. Elsewhere
Artist's book.
Andreas Dobler's third artist's book to date showcases the diversity of his artistic oeuvre, which includes visual poems, paintings, drawings, collages and objets d'art. Its suggestive title, ST. ELSEWHERE, opens up the range of possibilities to embrace far-flung and other-worldly artistic assertions, and the book opens a window on the artist's intense working process. Dobler's visual productions are accompanied by textual offshoots, which he reworks into speculative poetry and, in turn, generate new pictorial discoveries. Some of his writings trace the origins of the featured works back to an “Academy of Happiness”, a make-believe school that looms large in ST. ELSEWHERE and around which Dobler weaves narrative strands. Tutorials and technical considerations of craftsmanship, literary descriptions of the school grounds and facilities, the reveries of teachers and students and various other associated elements add up to a playful and ironic take on the utopia of an ideal place of development.
Book bound in hand bleached linen: every copy is unique.
Andreas Dober (born 1963 in Biel, lives and works in Zurich) is a Swiss painter.
Texts by Andreas Dobler, Birgit Kempker, Kevin Muster, Olivier Petignat, Oliver Ross.

Graphic design: Marietta Eugster.
published in September 2021
bilingual edition (English / German)
20,5 x 26 cm (hardcover, cloth binding)
260 pages (180 ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-907236-21-5
EAN : 9783907236215
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