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Life as it goesA conversation with Henri Atlan

Pascal Goblot, Henri Atlan - Life as it goes
A journey through the life and way of thinking of the French intellectual, medical biologist, philosopher and writer.
Life as it goes is a personal journey though knowledge, ideas, and places, from Paris to Jerusalem, though The Hague, following the steps of Spinoza, anthills and the fabrication of microscopes. The opening of the voyage is based on one question, which may well not be one: What is life?
Pascal Goblot is a video artist and maker of The unknown secret of Sylvester Stallone (CNC prize, 2010). His installation Through the Large Glasses featured in the exhibition Seconde Main at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 2010. He is the author of Henri Atlan, La philosophie dans l'éprouvette, conversation avec Pascal Gobot (Bayard, 2010).
Henri Atlan (born 1931 in Blida, Algeria) is a free and unclassifiable thinker. He's one of the pioneers of the theories of complexity and self-organization of the living. A biologist, doctor, philosopher, reader of Spinoza and the Talmud. His works and viewpoints have awarded him a special place in contemporary ideas, at the junction of science, philosophy and ethics.
Edited by Le Miroir / Gabriel Chabanier.
Film directed by Pascal Goblot.
published in September 2020
French edition (English subtitles)
Digipack DVD (DVD5 - PAL - Multizone - AC3 Stereo - 16/9), 44 pages booklet
EAN : 3760083750373
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