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Cantiere Barca

Raumlabor - Cantiere Barca
Publication documenting a series of workshops involving Raumlabor, a Berlin-based group architects, and the youths of Barca, a neighbourhood in outskirts of Turin. The project, which advocates for the re-appropriation of the public space, saw the development of a series of inhabitable environmental installations.
Cantiere Barca is an experimental art and architecture project for public space that, between 2011 and 2013, involved dozens of people in actions of construction and place-making under the guidance of the architecture collective raumlaborberlin, in a neighbourhood at the farthermost northeastern corner of the city of Turin. In the years of endless crisis—in the economy, in politics, and in the environment—Cantiere Barca has fulfilled the demand for the identity and social recognition of a group of residents, breathing life into a workshop of shared creative practices and an exchange of knowledge, thus undertaking a journey from the urban periphery to the MoMA in New York. Cantiere Barca is also a case study, which has witnessed both success and failure, to ponder on the meaning of such concepts as collective, community, the common good, participation, responsibility, utopia, and future.
Raumlabor is a Berlin-based group of 9 architects created in 1999. They work at the intersections between architecture, city planning and art by means of performative, temporary interventions.
Edited by a.titolo.

Graphic design: Archive Appendix.

published in November 2019
bilingual edition (English / Italian)
192 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-943620-75-7
EAN : 9783943620757
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