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Maleth / Haven / PortHeterotopias of Evocation – The Malta Pavilion – 58th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

 - Maleth / Haven / Port
Published on the occasion of the 58th Venice Biennale and edited by curator Hesperia Iliadou de Subplajo-Suppiej, Maleth / Haven / Port is inspired by the Odissey and provides a contemporary reinterpretation of our timeless need of seeking Haven, most strongly experienced in times of crisis. Bringing together artists from the Mediterranean—Klitsa Antoniou, Trevor Borg, Vince Briffa—the book invites the audience to reflect on their own lifetime journey and engages it to complementary semantic enquiries into the contemporary conditions of homeness and (un)homeness, spreading beyond the predisposed notions of assigned tactile borders.
“Open to diverse readings and drawing on the trifold of histories, mythologies and expectations, Maleth / Haven / Port–Heterotopias of Evocation aims to create a curatorial theme where the artworks come together, as vessels within a sea, inviting us to participate in an intuitively playful dialogue, traversing the exhibition in a curiosity-driven voyage of self-reflection, in a suggestive fictitious space.”— Hesperia Iliadou de Subplajo-Suppiej
Edited by Hesperia Iliadou de Subplajo-Suppiej.
Texts by Antonis Danos, Gabriel Koureas, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Diane Morgan, Clive Zammit, Trevor Borg, Hesperia Iliadou de Subplajo-Suppiej.
published in July 2019
English edition
14,5 x 21 cm (softcover)
160 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6749-375-3
EAN : 9788867493753
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Maleth / Haven / Port Maleth / Haven / Port Maleth / Haven / Port

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