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Gloire gouaille gosier

Benoît Toqué - Gloire gouaille gosier
A collection of literary texts by contemporary writer Benoît Toqué. It brings together texts written between 2014 and 2017, and either performed at public readings or created during workshops.
Benoît Toqué (born 1987 in France, lives and works in Paris) is a poet and writer. He performs his texts in public readings. He is currently working on a PhD thesis on the relationship between literature and performance.
Edited by Stéphanie Boubli.

Graphic design: Régis Glaas-Togawa.

Published with the support agnès b. endowment fund.
published in June 2018
French edition
14 x 22,5 cm (softcover)
32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-490353-01-9
EAN : 9782490353019
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Gloire gouaille gosier Gloire gouaille gosier Gloire gouaille gosier
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