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The Spirit Of Indonesia (vinyl LP + CD)

 - The Spirit Of Indonesia (vinyl LP + CD)
An anthology of original recordings from Java, Sumatra, and Bali: a collection of ecstatic and hypnotic sounds, featuring a large panel of musical influences and traditional instruments that represent Indonesia's large heritage of profound cultural differences.
SHIOK! Records is a record label dedicated to the discovery of the extensive and rich music tradition of the various South East Asia countries.
Operating right from the heart of the region, in the strategic location of Singapore, SHIOK! Records' core mission is to provide a musical outlook on some "hidden gems" that are still mostly unknown to the vast majority of the western audiophiles' audience.
By following an chronological and anthological approach, SHIOK! Records publishes music deeply rooted in the history, folkways and traditions of the mighty and exotic territories of the East. With a specific focus on the lush production of Indonesia for its first issues, SHIOK! Records ventures into the various music genres of Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
published in August 2017
vinyl LP + CD
sold out

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