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Volume ! #13-1 – La scène punk en France – 1976-2016

 - Volume ! #13-1
The Punk Scene in France: Forty Years of History.
The dynamism of Punk studies only slightly affected France, even though a large number of countries have been producing considerable scientific work on the historical and social impact of Punk in our contemporary societies.
This issue is divided into four major parts (Emergence of the Punk scene in France / Bands and trajectories / The Punk body and its vulnerability / Heritage and memory), to which are added two testimonies. Volume ! #13-1 offers a first glance on a subject still largely unknown and poorly studied within the French academic field.
Published on the occasion of the International and interdisciplinary conference “The Punk Scene in France (1976-2016): Forty Years of History,” organized by CESR (Université François Rabelais / CNRS / MCC) and THALIM (CNRS / ENS / Université Paris 3), Philharmonie de Paris, November 25-26, 2016.
Volume! The French journal of popular music studies is the only peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of contemporary popular music. It is published biannually by the Editions Mélanie Seteun, a publishing association specialized in popular music. The journal is in French with some non-translated articles in English.
Volume! was established in 2002 under the title Copyright Volume! by Gérôme Guibert, Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Samuel Etienne, and obtained its current name in 2008.
Issue edited by Luc Robène et Solveig Serre.
Texts by François Guillemot, Simon Le Roulley, Philippe Liotard, Thomas Loué, Alexandre Marchant, Christophe Massé, Christophe Pécout, David Puaud, Luc Robène, Pierre Raboud, Marie Roué, Solveig Serre, Hervé Zénouda.
published in December 2016
texts in English and French
21 x 21 cm (softcover)
208 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-913169-41-8
EAN : 9782913169418
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