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Stefan Brüggemann - Showtitles
A list of titles for exhibitions available free of charge from the artist (artist's book).
Showtitles is an ongoing work by Stefan Brüggemann of titles for exhibitions. They may be used freely by others. There is no need for any authorization, but their use must be credited to Stefan Brüggemann (show title, #XXXX by Stefan Brüggemann) on the back of the invitation. Please send a copy of the invitation card and any printed material to the address specified on the website www.showtitles.com
Stefan Brüggemann (born 1975 in Mexico, lives and works between London and Mexico) is interested in “words that become pictures” and “pictures that become words.” In this way he questions the idea of transferring or mirroring information. Language becomes a way of remembering, of reflecting and refracting events. His laconic picture-signs act as memorials to “language that must be reactivated.” They create imaginary spaces or experiences for the audience, invoked by words. These spaces are produced through the individual act of looking, and each look is always new, notwithstanding the familiarity of the statement.
Independently from many other materials and mediums Brüggemann uses, one of his principal strategies is to inject a Pop sensibility into Conceptual strategies in a simple but refreshing way.
Edited by Alice Dusapin.

Graphic design: Alain Rodriguez.
published in August 2016
English edition
7,4 x 14, 2 cm (softcover)
160 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9539347-7-9
EAN : 9782953934779
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Showtitles Showtitles Showtitles
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