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Musique barbare (vinyl LP)

Karel Appel - Musique barbare (vinyl LP)
Reissue of CoBrA co-founder's masterpiece of musique concrete.
Karel Appel's legendary piece of musique concrete was recorded in 1963 at the Insituut voor Sonologie in the Netherlands with the collaboration of music composer Frits Weiland. Originally composed for a documentary on himself directed by filmmaker Jan Vrijman, Musique barbare is a powerful mixture of electric organ fumblings, full-on riots of distorted kettle drum, and assorted percussion-room filigrees, assembled into an extremely edit-heavy suite with tape-speed manipulation. With exclusive photos by Ed van der Elsken and texts by filmmaker Jan Vrijman.
First edition released by Philips in 1963.

Also available on CD.
Karel Appel (1921-2006) is a Dutch painter and sculptor, and cofounder of CoBrA.
published in April 2016
gatefold sleeve, black vinyl
in stock

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