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Cévennes (2 CD)

Marc Namblard, Olivier Namblard - Cévennes (2 CD)
A reference in the audio-naturalist field.
Marc & Olivier Namblard, audio-naturalists and listening wanderers, examining from childhood this contrasted and elusive landscape, situated in the southeast of the Massif Central, called “Cévennes”. Patience, exploration and familiarity with the natural environment have enabled them to create a body of work of field recordings that are of the highest depth and quality. The best from amongst them have been assembled on these two disks, as an homage to the landscape of Cévennes and to the sounds of its fauna. Amongst the subjects presented here: singing insects of the Causses, vultures feeding, passerine songs, underground streams, barking stags, rumbling storms, amphibian choruses and sheep bells.
Recording, montage, mixing: Marc & Olivier Namblard.
Production, mastering: Yannick Dauby.
Photographs: Marc & Olivier Namblard, Martine Schnoering.

Graphic design: Atelier Hui-Kan.
published in 2013
3 pannels digipack CD
28 tracks (130')
currently out of stock
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