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Kaleidoscope #21 – Summer 2014 – Decoding Curating

 - Kaleidoscope #21
A special edition dedicated to curating.
Kaleidoscope' Summer 2014 issue aimed to decode the dynamics and implications of the curating profession—from funding to theoretical propositions, from circulation to consciousness-raising and from trend forecasting to commodification—and imagine its possible future developments.
In the opening section of HIGHLIGHTS, we have selected five emerging, '80s-born practitioners from different backgrounds and continents—Alex Gartenfeld, Sarah Rifky, Hanne Mugaas, Anthony Yung and Luca Lo Pinto—representing a glimpse into the multiplicity of visions and motivations behind, as well as approaches to, the curatorial practice.    
To follow, the MAIN THEME section comprises four extensive discussions, involving as many as twenty-five international professionals—including Adam Szymczyk, Sarah McCrory, Lauren Cornell, Dena Yago and Mitchell Algus—to comment on how curating unfolds in such diverse frameworks as the not-for-profit organization, the large-scale exhibition, the Internet, and the commercial gallery.
Surprisingly, on the other hand, the MONO section and cover story are dedicated to an artist, Swiss living legend John Armleder—with a comprehensive interview by Andrea Bellini, an essay by Jeanne Graff and a portrait by Mathilde Agius—as a means to account for an organic and unconstrained approach to all sides of creative production and to hint at the long and enthralling tradition, of Duchampian descent, of artist/curators.
Lastly, the closing section of REGULARS features interviews exploring to what extent curatorial practice has strayed into other fields, such as architecture, cuisine and radio broadcasting: Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews NTS founder Femi Adeyemi; Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen talk appropriating exhibitions with cult curator Bob Nickas; Jesi Khadivi discusses the art scene in L.A. with man-about-town Michael Ned Holte; Carson Chan meets Venice Architecture Biennale's key contributor Stephan Trüby; and Francesca Gavin interrogates editor Emma Robertson and promoter Alessandro Porcelli on the art of food.
This issue is enriched by our seasonal TIPS on reading, listening, stopping by, meeting and visiting; as well as three visual INSERTS, specially commissioned as so many experiments of exhibitions on paper: “Portraits of Society” curated by Nicholas Cullinan, "Robert Mapplethorpe" curated by Elad Lassry, and “Coupling” curated by Piper Marshall.
Kaleidoscope magazine is an Milan-based international quarterly of contemporary art and culture, offering a timely guide to the present (but also to the past and possible futures) with an interdisciplinary and unconventional approach.
published in July 2014
English edition
22 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
242 pages (ill.)
sold out

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