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My Tongue in your Cheek

Kendell Geers - My Tongue in your Cheek
My tongue in your cheek is the first full length survey of the work of Kendell Geers. The book catalogues and documents the work of the south african born artist from obscurity and his struggle inside the apartheid system through to international recognition. Geers has in the past 5 years had solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Dijon, Vienna, San Antonio and Stuttgart as well as participated in the Taipei, Munster, Johannesburg and Havana biennials as well as the Carnegie international. The essays will cover the full spectrum of the artists interests from the linguistic to the sublime. Kendell Geers work has followed a specific line of research, the border where the dangerous and the sublime meet. The book will be fully illustrated and trace a visual logic from the earliest to the latest works using the logic of the graphic novel.
Texts by Fiona Bradley (GB), Christine Macel (F), Christophe Tannert (D).

Published with Janvier.
published in 2002
texts in English, German, French
20,5 x 26,2 cm (hardcover)
250 pages (320 colour illustrations)
ISBN : 978-2-7118-4374-9
EAN : 9782711843749
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