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Digital Magma

Jean-Yves Leloup - Digital Magma
New musical practices, modes of production and reception of culture, since the emergence of electronic music in the 1990s.
The emergence of electronic music with its new generation of artists and digital technologies has disturbed the world music landscape. From the musicians' angle, since the end of the eighties, techno, house, and their multiple subgenres, have brought in a new breath, sometimes sweeping aside the order established by rock and pop, and imposing new game rules: ephemeral and shared creations, widespread sampling, DJ rule, the practice of mix and remix, new and micro-economy. But that aesthetic revolution, which ended up contaminating most music during the nineties, is not only limited to artists. The democratization of the digital, of the means of diffusion, and of exchange and listening, transforms the relationship between the audience and music. Today the MP3 generation, beyond the simple question of piracy, invents new codes and practices which have shaken our way of “consuming” culture.
Writer, DJ, and French sound artist, Jean-Yves Leloup has followed the evolution of electronic music from its first appearance in Europe at the end of the eighties. A fortunate witness to the electronic scene, he is also interested in all questions relative to contemporary art and digital technologies.
Preface by David Toop.

Translated from the French by Paul Buck and Catherine Petit.
published in September 2010
English edition
11 x 17 cm (softcover)
176 pages
ISBN : 978-1-933128-70-2
EAN : 9781933128702
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