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Le Festival de l'eau (CD)

Camel Zekri - Le Festival de l\'eau (CD)
The meeting, on the Niger River, between contemporary improvised music and African musical traditions.
Dedicated to memory and to the fleeting nature of life. This is the disc presented by Camel Zekri, a recording of meetings of the Niger river between musicians from Africa (Aly Keïta, Naïmo...), from France (Xavier Charles, Michel Doneda...), from Germany (Ute Volker), from Tunisia (Rachid Belgacem), and Algeria (Bachir Temtaoui).
Polyrhythms and polyphonies are mixed on the album to create a blend passing between the different cultures which give prominence to the disc's "African-ness", which is further amplified by the presence of griots, tellers of stories and legends. 
These are the memories of the river people. 
Camel Zekri (born 1962 in Paris) is a composer, guitarist, ethnomusicologist, artistic director and teacher. Of Algerian origin, he has undertaken the meeting of two worlds, that of improvised music where he is active in France, and that of his roots, Africa and traditional music.
published in 1999
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