Mirza Cizmic

Mirza Cizmic (born 1985 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a painter, predominantly using oil paint on primed paper (he is also occasionally a sculptor, performer and video artist), based in Helsinki, Finland. His artistic practice is related to past experiences. The way he paints is a way of interpreting the world, not through the eyes of a painter, but through his personal experiences. The language that he uses is based on his instincts which are divided into two parts. One is objective and formal while the other is subjective which belongs to Cizmic as an individual. It is a process that takes Cizmic from confusion to understanding.
"As an artist, I must be aware of the illusive borders between art and life, art and society, as well as art and activism. Formalisation of my position in contemporary society is connected with constant questioning of myself and my role as an artist. My aim is to break the conventional taboos and depoliticise the situation and bring attention to the humanity of people."
Mirza Cizmic - Souvenirs Volés
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United Dead Artists
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First monograph of the Finnish painter: a series of troubling family scenes whose deviance shines through under a veneer of normality, obscure and disturbing images that appear like reminiscences of a childhood marked by drama and war, never far from the living room.

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