Guillaume Pilet

Since 2005 Guillaume Pilet (born 1984 in Switzerland, lives and works in Lausanne) has been involved in polymorphic and decompartmentalized experimentation. Based on a large and unrestrictive comprehension of the history of classical art since prehistory, his curiosity has developed within Aby Warburg's conception of the world of images as ghost stories for adults. If the notion of style has no longer any formal sense, it can still be regarded as an aesthetic of action. To a large degree, the primary ideal of creativity is at the center of the work process. Consequently, nothing separates art from craft, environment from architecture, artwork from usual objects, iconic images from generic images, individualistic expression from exhibition strategies any longer. Guillaume Pilet wishes to decompartmentalize practices and styles. One might feel puzzled by his work, for it shakes up one's perception of the typology one associates with an artist's practices. Pilet's work cannot be reduced to a formal lexicon and his will to escape styles and references reveal both a wisdom and a curiosity.

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Guillaume Pilet - My Life as a Parade
English edition
CCS (Centre culturel suisse Paris)
This publication presents a series of some forty autobiographical drawings in pencil, ink and watercolor. The artist chose to recount his life as a children's story, flicking through fleeting memories, dramatic events, and brief anecdotes.

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