Georg Keller

The projects of Georg Keller (born 1981) question and lay bare the workings of economic structures, scrutinizing the mechanisms of globalization and their impacts on mankind and the environment. His earnest approach to these explosive subjects is coupled with a reduced aesthetic and a pinch of humor. With the aid of Georg Keller Unternehmungen (GKU) he exposes elements of economic narration and staging, using all sorts of different media, including installation, sculpture, video and performance, and developing works in artistic and theatrical contexts and in public spaces. All his works come together under the umbrella of GKU to form a total artwork.

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Georg Keller - Georg Keller x Manor
English edition
Edition Patrick Frey
Catalogue documenting a project that entertwines Georg Keller artistic one-man enterprise with Switzerland's biggest department store chain Manor. Interviews with employees at various levels of the corporate hierarchy form the first thread of the narrative. The second delves into the artist's creative work.

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