Gabriel Saloman

Over the past few years Gabriel Saloman has developed a reputation for releasing penetrating works of haunting beauty in his new role as a solo performer and composer. Known for his part in the seminal electronic-noise duo Yellow Swans (alongside Pete Swanson), Saloman has taken the sweeping drones and fried electricity of his former band and embedded them within an expanding pallette of bowed strings, martial percussion and resonant piano. The majority of his work to date has been developed as music for contemporary dance, exemplified by two recent solo albums with Miasmah, 2012's melancholic Adhere and last years celebrated ode to mud and decay “Soldier's Requiem”. As he continues to prolifically produce music for dance, Saloman has developed a new series with Shelter Press to make these works available: “Movement Building”.
Gabriel Saloman - Movement Building - Vol. 3 (vinyl LP)
Shelter Press - Records
The conclusion of Saloman's musical trilogy for contemporary dance, this time inspired by a work by choreographer Vanessa Goodman. The bowed guitar, militant percussion and searing guitar eruptions, are joined by distorted guitar, minimalist piano attacks, melancholy guitar melodies, a patina of harsh noise, and a more contemporary approach to drums and bass. (download code included with one additional track).
Gabriel Saloman - Movement Building - Vol. 1, 2, 3 (2 CD)
Shelter Press - Records
Double album compiling all 3 volumes of the Movement Building serie, dedicated to Gabriel Saloman's music for contemporary dance.
Gabriel Saloman - Movement Building - Vol. 2 (vinyl LP)
Shelter Press - Records
The second volume in Gabriel Saloman's “Movement Building” series, continuing the release of original compositions commissioned for contemporary dance works.
Gabriel Saloman - Movement Building - Vol. 1 (vinyl LP)
Shelter Press - Records
sold out
First of two volumes of the “Movement Building” series, dedicated to Gabriel Saloman's music for contemporary dance.

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