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Echoes of HarmonyEarly Music reworked (CD)

Sylvain Chauveau, Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble - Echoes of Harmony
Sylvain Chauveau plays reworkings of early music from the Spanish Renaissance Repertoire, with the Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble.
All pieces of the Renaissance Repertoire come from Cancionero de Colombina (around 1470) or Cancionero de Palacio (around 1510). Both sources are well known for their typical spanish repertoire of this period. Electronic music Artist Sylvain Chauveau did new versions of several tracks and added also some drones to the programme. Daniel Manhart did the compilation and the additional sound design and mixing. All pieces of this CD are hardly ever performed or recorded—a fine, sensitive, interesting crossover between Early Music and Contemporary Electronic music with a repertoire mostly unknown.
Sylvain Chauveau (born 1971) has released more than ten records albums of delicate music, very minimal compositions for acoustic instruments, electronics and vocals, on labels such as FatCat, Type, Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier, Brocoli, and Sub Rosa. He has played live, and performed in many museums and art galleries, in Europe, Asia and North America, had tea with Éliane Radigue, created a seven-year long ultra-minimal composition, shaken hands with Ryuichi Sakamoto, conducted a label releasing one-off records only, and is featured on the compilation XVI Reflections on Classical Music (Point Music) alongside Philip Glass, Alvo Noto, and Gavin Bryars.
Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble sings and plays the sacred and secular repertoire of the 15th and 16th century. Including musicians trained at the widely renowned college for early music Schola cantorum in Basel, Switzerland, chant 1450 appeared live in January 2005 and sang then a highly acclaimed first tour in Switzerland with La contenance angloise - sacred music of the 15th century, followed by more than 150 live performances in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland until today. chant 1450 was invited to major festivals like the Rheingau Festival (Germany), the Montalbâne Festival (Germany), Festival for Early Music Zurich and many more. Artistic Director and responsible for all programmes and recordings including sounddesign is Daniel Manhart, a tenor born in Switzerland.
published in November 2017
CD digipack + 12-page booklet
9 tracks (67'24)
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