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Reidemeister Move plays Borromean Rings (vinyl LP – Picture Disc)

Reidemeister Move - Reidemeister Move plays Borromean Rings (vinyl LP – Picture Disc)
Borromean Rings is a graphic score for double bass and microtonal F tuba, composed for the duo Reidemeister Move by Robin Hayward.
Performing Borromean Rings might be compared to playing a board game such as chess. Notation is used to define a field of possible moves for navigating within harmonic space. Unlike chess however the idea is not to overcome the other player, but rather to challenge them to explore continually fresh avenues within the harmonic framework laid out by the score.
Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies.
Reidemeister Move is Christopher Williams, contrabass, and Robin Hayward, tuba, a duo dedicated to exploring and expanding the possibilities of sustained-tone music in just intonation for their instruments. Hayward's self-designed microtonal tuba developed together with the instrument manufacturers B & S, and Williams' previous work with Charles Curtis and La Monte Young's legendary Theatre of Eternal Music, provide the backbone for a performance practice based on purely tuned intervals, noise, corporeal rhythms, and spatial resonance.

See also Tonaliens (Amelia Cuni, Werner Durand, Robin Hayward, Hilary Jeffery & Ralf Meinz); Christopher A. Williams; Robin Hayward.
Composed by Robin Hayward.
Recorded at Rutenberg church, Brandenburg, Germany, in 2014.
Mixed by Werner Dafeldecker.
Mastered by Frederik Knop at Listeners Mastering Studio.

Artwork by Wendelin Büchler.
published in May 2016
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