Amelia Cuni

Amelia Cuni (1958-2024) was a vocalist, composer, writer and teacher, and is most well-known as one of the greatest contemporary Western proponents of dhrupad singing, having studied in India for fifteen years with renowned masters such as R. Fahimuddin Dagar, Pandit Bidur Mallik and Pandit Dilip Chandra Vedi. During her time in India she was also learning kathak dance from Smt. Manjushri Chatterjee and pakhawaj drumming from Raja Chattrapati Singh, developing significant mastery of both practices alongside her singing. Her work includes contemporary music and multimedia collaborations with several artists of international repute (she interpretated—with her life partner and long-term collaborator Werner Durand—the 18 Microtonal Ragas: Solo 58 by John Cage, a cycle of 18-scale patterns from the collection Song Books, 1970). She was engaged in the transmission of the knowledge she has acquired from her gurus and she has taught Indian singing at the Vicenza Conservatory in Italy.

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Amelia Cuni - Clearing (vinyl LP)
Aguirre Records
The first published recording by Amelia Cuni, Werner Durand (fusing her Indian Raga singing in the Dhrupad style with his minimalist and experimental approach) and Uli Hohmann (joining them in a range of hand drums from the Middle East and North Africa, plus a dulcimer-sounding hammered guitar).
Amelia Cuni - Mumbai 04.02.1996 (2 vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
Black Truffle continues its documentation of the work of Berlin-based Italian singer Amelia Cuni, one of the great contemporary exponents of dhrupad, the oldest surviving style of North Indian classical vocal music.
Amelia Cuni - Parampara Festival 13.3.1992 (vinyl LP)
Black Truffle
sold out
Mesmerising 1992 performance from the Dhrupad master vocalist Amelia Cuni, accompagnied by renowded vina player Gianni Ricchizzi and Helmut Waibl on pakhawaj.
Amelia Cuni - Diasporagas - Ancient Trends and New Traditions in Indo-European Music (vinyl LP)
Edition Telemark
An overview of the fruitful long-standing collaboration between Amelia Cuni, specialist of Indian dhrupad singing, and minimalist experimental musician Werner Durand.

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