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Hiérarchie du cocuage

Charles Fourier - Hiérarchie du cocuage
Hiérarchie du cocuage by utopian Charles Fourier, proposes a system of classification, worthy of Linné for botany, in which he organizes the indomitable differences of beings and their diverse characters. Maliciously, Fourier strips down the mechanics of passions and social foundations as family and marriage which he views as the source of all evil. Founder of psycho-sociology, Fourier attacks our untruthful civilization and prophesizes another way of life, totaly liberated from advertising.
Charles Fourier's complete works have been republished by Les presses du réel.
published in 2000
French edition
11 x 17 cm
80 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-044-6
EAN : 9782840660446
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Hiérarchie du cocuage

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