Martin Le Chevallier

Martin Le Chevallier was born in May 1968. He came to the field contemporary art at the end of the 1990s after working as a graphic designer. Interactivity informed his early pieces: a game of video surveillance, a parody of an automatic voice response system, interactive videos, etc. He then turned to films and video installations, treating questions of utopia, globalization, or political beliefs with a unique mix of humor and poetry. Simultaneously, he created a whole series of process- or context-based works: he had himself audited by a consulting firm; he secured a pool in the Tuileries Gardens with toy-size remote-controlled patrol boats; he set up bleachers in the window of a gallery to suggest that the world is a theater, etc. Martin Le Chevallier lives and works in Paris.

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Martin Le Chevallier - Utopies
bilingual edition (English / French)
Frac Bretagne
First monograph dedicated to artist and filmmaker Martin Le Chevallier: a thorough introduction to his entire body of work (films, site-specific interventions, interactive pieces, performances and processes).

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